My mission is to rid Pakistan of theory based education, taught to us in schools, colleges and universities today. This so called education in the very disease that has brought us to our knees. So by means of my videos and my IT Institute. I want to equip our children with skills that will make them productive and in demand.

Ask yourself this question, what if for every fazool degree holder that we have, who has not only wasted a small fortune of his/her parents & many of his/her prime years on useless nonsense. Was instead someone, who opened a factory of some-kind. What would Pakistan be like then? Would we still be in debt? Would we still have unemployment? would we still have money problems? would we still be treated as a 4th class citizens by others.

our mission

Jhelum Creative VISION

A people that are so skilled in their own little niche that the world cannot imagine life without Pakistan. The same way we cannot imagine what life would be without China, the factory of the world. Be it information Technology, Mechanical Technology or Food production… I need Pakistan to be if not at the forefront, not lagging at the back. And inshallah, when we reach there… I’ll worry about upgrading my vision for Pakistan to something else.
To see a prosperous Pakistan, where people are as much in love with business as they are with cricket, and discuss more things to do with trade, innovation, business strategies than politics.

Jhelum Creative Training Methodology

Over the decades, there are many technological advances in the training industry. At Jhelum creative TRAINING, we follow different training methodologies according to the needs of training and trainees.

  • Blackboard/Whiteboard. This may be the most “old-fashioned” method, but it can still be effective, especially if you invite trainees to write on the board or ask for feedback that you write on the board.
  • PowerPoint® presentation. Presentation software is used to create customized group training sessions that are led by an instructor. Training materials are provided on CDROM and displayed on a large screen for any number of trainees

Online or E-Learning Emadrasa

  • Web-based training. This method puts computer-based training modules onto the Web, which companies can then make available to their employees either on the company’s intranet or on a section of the ICT TRAININGS’ website that is set up for a particular company. These courses provide a hands-on, interactive way for trainees to work through training presentations that are similar to CD-ROM or PowerPoint, on their own. Training materials are standardized because all trainees will use the same program. Materials are also easy to update, so all such trainings are always in step with local industry.
  • Tele- or videoconferencing. These methods allow the trainer to be in one location and trainees to be scattered in several locations. Participants are networked into the central location and can usually ask questions of the trainer via the telephone or by a web chat feature.
  • Web meetings, or webinars. This method contains audio and visual components. Participants dial in to receive live audio training and also follow visual material that appears on their computer screens. These presentations are similar to CD-ROM or PowerPoint presentations and sometimes offer minimal online interactivity. Q & A sessions may also be held at the end of sessions.
  • E-mail. All such trainees that we serve from our Jhelum Creative TRAININGS base are privileged to reach their instructors even after the training delivery is done. Emails and SKYPE IDs are typically shared with trainees in order to help them as and when needed.

Education is in Our Blood

For a country that desperately needs–and wants–a stronger educational system, insufficient infrastructure has the potential to undermine the efforts of both government and private schools. And this is where the Central Asia Institute has identified our ability to make a massive impact on the lives and futures of Pakistan’s youth. By refurbishing school structures that need upgrades, and supporting construction of new schools where communities have a need, we can provide safe places for boys and girls to learn, and eliminate one of the largest barriers to better opportunities for all Pakistanis.

Our Team

Building a successful team is about more than finding a group of people with the right mix of professional skills. Over the course of interviewing over 500 leaders for Corner Office, I asked them all about the art of fostering a strong sense of teamwork. Their insights can help you lay the groundwork for a highly productive team that can communicate, cooperate and innovate in an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect.

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